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Federal Universal Service Fund Decrease:
As of  October 1, 2011, the Federal Universal Service Charge (FUSC) contribution factor increased from 14.4% to a rate of 15.3%.This increase may appear on all customer billing statements effective October 1, 2011 and is assessed on telephone and DSL services. The goals of Universal Service, as mandated by the 1996 Act, are to:
*Promote the availability of quality services at just, reasonable and affordable rates for all consumers.
*Increase nationwide access to advanced telecommunications services.
*Advance the availability of such services to all consumers, including those in low income, rural, insular, and high cost areas at rates that are reasonably comparable to those charged in urban areas.
*Increase access to telecommunications and advanced services in schools, libraries and rural health care facilities.
*Provide equitable and non-discriminatory contributions from all providers of telecommunications services to the fund supporting universal service programs.

The Commission established four programs to fulfill these goals. They are:
The High-Cost program
The Low Income program , including initiatives for Native Americans
The Schools and Libraries program , commonly referred to as E-rate
The Rural Health Care program

These programs are funded by the Universal Service Fund. Telecommunications providers must contribute to the fund through an assessment on their interstate and international revenues
For additional information about the Federal Universal Service Fund visit: www.fcc.gov

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